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The Site/The Domain: I launched this site on January 2014. The domain name was originally That domain was lost in December of 2017. As of February 2018 we became I’ve been a fan of Josh’s since I was in high school and saw The Faculty in the movie theaters. Basically my teen crush. I have enjoyed much of his career and find him to be a fine specimen of a man to date.

The Webmaster: My name is Ashley. I am in my 30s. I have a daughter. I am a US Navy Veteran. I currently reside in California. I have been running fan sites off and on since 1996/7ish. I’ve never been a great designer, so I rely on others to design wonderful layouts for me, however I do love starting up sites, building them, building their galleries and learning about different actors/actresses that appeal to me. I grew up watching old black and white classics and musicals. I have always had a love for film and the actors/actresses that bring them to life. I do not care about the celebrity drama or the paparazzi style we have now.

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